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 When it comes to cooling your home or other space, Buzzee’s can provide you with a system which will fit your particular needs.  Whether you have a forced hot air heating system with ductwork and all you need is an evaporator coil and condenser or you need a complete central air conditioning system designed and installed using conventional ductwork or high velocity ductwork, maybe you need a mini-split system to cool your space we can design and install a system that is right for you!  

 Just need to replace or upgrade your current system?  Buzzee’s can help. 

 Don’t have room to install conventional ductwork?  Buzzee’s can help.  We also fabricate custom sheetmetal.  Custom sheetmetal will sometimes allow the installation of conventional ductwork in areas where you never expected.  If conventional ductwork won’t work for your situation, you have other options; you may elect to go with a high velocity system which offers much smaller supply lines to cool your home.  Another option may be a mini-split system. 

 Whatever your situation may be Buzzee’s can help.  Buzzee’s will come out to your home and do what we call a heat gain (measuring, noting windows, insulation types, which way your home faces etc…).  We will also look at your home to see what type of installation would be the best fit for your particular situation.  All of this will allow us to design the best system and size of unit(s) you will need to effectively cool your home or space. 

Our Air Conditioning Services Include;

  • System Design & Installations (we design the right system for you and install everything from start to finish at the price we quote.  When we are completed with your installation your system is started and tested.  When we finish the job your system is ready for you to run it when you need it!)
  • ACPMs  (Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance also known as annual maintenance)
  • Service Calls during and After Hours Emergency (after hours service for medical reasons or elderly customers) If you are having a problem with your Air Conditioning not cooling or won’t start etc…)

 And more…  Don’t see exactly what you are looking for?
Give us a Buzz… and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and if we can’t we will certainly point you in the right direction. 

Free Custom Fit AC Cover

 with any Complete Central Air Conditioning Installation Completed by September 30, 2014
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At Buzzee’s we stand behind everything we do!  We are fully licensed and insured.

Give us a Buzz… for your FREE Estimate Today!  Your written estimate is always a firm price… meaning the price we quote is the price you pay and no more!  Unless changes are made to the original scope of work rest assured we will never add in any hidden or extra charges! 

 When you contract Buzzee’s for your complete project, your system, unit, etc… will be started and tested upon completion. 



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